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Stop Xpressing Hate

Published December 13, 2011 by MasaoAshtine
1,076 signatures

Petition Statement

This petition seeks to demand an apology from The Express Newspaper (Trinidad and Tobago) for their recent publication on Sunday December 11, 2011 titled "What you should know about HOMOSEXUALITY". Please sign this petition to let Trinidad and Tobago know that you are tired of siting back and reading blatant attempts of public hate and discrimination such as this. This is an outcry to human rights and by signing you can help others demand an apology from the Express and a retraction of this article online.

You do not need to understand Homosexuality to recognize hate and discrimination, you simply need to sign.

This petition does not seek to infringe on the freedom of speech as it is a right of every citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, nor should we prevent the freedom of press. However, when articles such as this pose potential danger for an already marginalized community, something should be done. We live in a society that can be very ignorant to homosexuality and thus, uneducated and strong assertions such as this can stimulate hate against homosexuals and endanger their lives simply due to fear of the unknown. Although this hate may not have been intentional, the implications can be far-reaching.

This is not censorship, this is simply a demand for equality.

Petition Target: Concerned Citizens

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